Vacations are beneficial for the soul

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You don’t have to be a pro to vacation. But are you vacationing the right way?

Resourt Tips For a Good Vacation

Know yourself before you go

There’s so much to do at all times, at resorts and around them. But remember why you’re there.

Do nothing

It’s okay to miss a show or skip out on one fancy dinner to order room service instead. It’s even okay to do nothing sometimes.

Travel to emerging destinations.

Trending travel destinations are popular — and expensive — for good reason. Choosing an up-and-coming destination can allow you to save big.

Reasons Why You Need A Beach Holiday

Mental well-being

Contemplating by the water feeds the soul. The expansive view of the ocean water, often referred to as "blue space" by psychologists, actually calms our mind.

Rest and renewal

This true sense of relaxation brings us all back to our lives with a renewed sense of purpose and a de-cluttered mind.

Exploring the ocean

Whether you're on a romantic Caribbean Cruise with your significant other or a family holiday on land, everyone loves water adventures.

How to reast creatively Quick advices

Give the people something to enjoy looking at.

Take pictures that your friends will actually care to see when they’re flipping through hundreds of (seemingly identical) pictures of your feet in the sand.

Try new photoapps...

...turn on your HDR, utilize the grid to take centered pictures, take funny selfies, and please spare us all and don’t take pictures with flash.

Have a budget

It's always a good idea to set a daily budget and there are some handy apps for tracking them. It's all too easy to get carried away on holidays.

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