Best Tips On How To Pack For Vacation Like A Pro

You’ve booked your vacation and made travel arrangements, now its time to pack! Packing can be stressful, especially if you are traveling to a place you’ve never been before. There’s plenty to consider when figuring out what to take with you: the type and length of your trip, your itinerary, the weather, the size of your luggage, and your vacation destination. With so many factors to consider, it’s easy to overpack or underpack.

Know Your Itinerary

First, you need to know what the plans are for your vacation. Do you plan on going for a run on the beach? Going to a fancy dinner? Bird watching at Brookgreen Gardens? Regardless of your plans, its important to have a game plan when it comes to activities.

Keep a Packing Checklist

Second, compile a list of everything you’ll need on your vacation. It’s best to keep an ongoing packing list of your absolute essentials to pack for every trip (charger, toothbrush, bathing suit, sunscreen, etc.). Keeping a packing checklist will help you pack and prepare with absolute ease.

Roll, Don’t Fold

It is time to become a roll-don’t-fold devotee. The best way to save room and keep your clothes wrinkle-free is to roll, not fold. Doing this will help you avoid sharp creases from the folds. Several traveling experts recommend this method. So go on, give it a try!

Be Prepared for Wet Swimwear

This is a big one – especially if you are going on a beach vacation where you will be surrounded by water. The last thing you want is all your clothing getting wet inside your suitcase. Luckily, at Plantation Resort, each unit is housed with a washer and dryer for your convenience. (Click here to see other amenities you’ll find in your condo at Plantation Resort.) But, if in the end, you need to travel with wet items, pack a grocery bag or ziplock bag to separate your wet clothing. Then, on reaching your destination, be sure to pull those wet items out to dry.

Find the Right Fabrics

We all have that shirt or blouse that we make excuses for when they are on the chopping block for bringing on the trip. Some clothes just don’t do well with travel. Choose fabrics that can be packed away and worn comfortably. The best are fabrics that are light, wrinkle-resistant, and washable.

Create a Playlist

Last thing you want to do is hit the road without some awesome tunes. Create/find a playlist that will put you in the right mood! Doing this ahead of time will ensure you are the perfect DJ and you won’t be struggling to find the perfect song at the last minute.

Pack by Outfit

Avoid falling into the “what-ifs” question with tops and tanks. We know, its hard enough to pick out an outfit for the day, but for an entire week?! Believe it or not, it’s easier. The best way to pack light is to bring items that can be worn multiple times. If you plan and pack by outfit, it will help you stay realistic about what you will actually wear on your trip. Doing this will help you stress less about what to wear and actually have time to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Use Packing Cubes

The key to successful packing is to be organized. We’ve all been there, in a hurry and just throwing your stuff in a suitcase and dealing with the mess later. Wouldn’t you like to open up your suitcase and see everything separated and neatly packed? Invest in packing cubes, or compartmentalized bags to help you stay organized and keep things perfectly separated.

Pack With a Purpose

Here are a few examples:

  • Use your shoes as storage – stuff your shoes with socks or any small items to save on space.
  • Be weight conscious - pack your heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase.
  • Pack travel-sized items - only bring what you need.
  • Keep your shirt collar neat - place your belt inside your shirt collar to keep its shape and save space.
  • Pack your hat in your suitcase - place a shirt inside your beach hat and place in the middle of your suitcase and roll the rest of your clothes around the hat.

Take Your Travel Documents

Make sure all the necessary travel documents are always accessible. You should have a photo ID, passports, insurance cards, credit cards, resort check-in information, and boarding passes with you during your travels. Keep in mind that if you need to renew a passport for your travels it can take several weeks to come in.

Simplify with a Carry-On

Large, bulky luggage can be a hassle to haul around on your beach vacation. With a small carry-on, traveling from one spot to the other can bring a sigh of relief. You can pack all of your necessities while enjoying more room in the car during the road trip or a quicker departure from the airplane on arrival. Click here to see the magic of how to pack all your needs into one small bag.

Leave Some Space

know its hard, but think about all the cool souvenirs and gifts you will end up bringing back home! Leave a little space in your luggage for take home souvenirs. If you end up not having any room to work with, just wear all your bulkier items to the airport, such as jackets and dress shoes (not that you’ll be needing that at the beach anyways).

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